Recommended Links

Mobile applications: is an excellent source of sound teaching and profound thought. However, some of the authors tend to be hard on premillennialism and dispensationalism, which is what we hold to.

Bible Bulletin Board
Bible Bulletin Board is another excellent source featuring John MacArthur, Charles Spurgeon, George Whitefield, Jonathan Edwards and many more. Our church is linked there under Finding a Good Church.

Precept Austin

Hope CBC Facebook Page

Hope CBC Youth Group Facebook Page

Churches we Recommend

We list these churches here because we are familiar with their ministry. If you would like to be linked, please contact Pastor Ed Godfrey at (479) 636-2457 to discuss the criteria.

Grace Community Church
Pastored by John MacArthur in Sun Valley, CA

Countryside Bible Church
Pastored by Tom Pennington; Pastor Rocky Wyatt: Youth Minister (see XL Ministries), located in Southlake, TX

Grace Community Church
Pastored by Chris Riser in Maryville, TN.